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    technical info:
    Transmission manual
    Air conditioning yes
    Max. number of passangers 4
    Max. baggage 225
    tarrif info:
    15 %
    0-1 days 70.00 EUR/day
    2-6 days 30.00 EUR/day
    7-14 days 28.00 EUR/day
    15 days 26.00 EUR/day
    rental info:
    Minimum age 21
    Min. time driving licence held 3
    bonus info:

    Hyundai i10 is a great car to travel in: wherever you're sitting you'll find comfort and quality materials. Controls are where they naturally feel right and the spacious interior accommodates the driver, front passenger and three in the back.
    Real comfort
    Enjoy a level of comfort that belies Hyundai i10's tiny footprint – with thoughtful touches that make every journey a pleasure.

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